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What is Google Enhanced Campaigns and How this will change Adwords Device Targeting

Kamrul Khan on March 2, 2013 - 8:47 am in Google Adwords, Home, Search Engine, Web Marketing

Google is going to release Enhanced Campaigns in few months.  It started notifying all Google adwords advertisers with below message.


Enhanced Campaign


So, you have option of upgrading to enhanced campaign right away or it will upgraded to an enhanced campaign in few months.

Internet users are changing and they are constantly switching their devices to access internet.  Google is trying to track user’s behavior and devices they use for internet.  To make adwords more effective for advertisers enhanced campaigns will target all users across all devices.  This will place relevant ads based on what, where and when Google users were looking for the ad.

Whats the Buzz about Enhanced Campaigns :-

Adwords Community has been reading all the news about Google is going to roll out 'Enhanced Campaigns' in the coming months and all the new and current campaigns will automatically become enhanced campaign by end of May 2013.  If you still haven't know this news in simple words you will no longer have device selection option in campaign settings.  With enhanced campaign there will be no option available to bid for devices separately.

Google says, "Internet users are using tablets and desktops very similarly in terms of internet surfing" so there is no use of keeping tablet bidding separately, it will be combined with your desktop and laptop bidding.

Below are some of the important features in Enhanced Campaigns :-

  1. Adwords Going to be one tool to target multiple devices for online advertising.
  2.  Optimized Ads for constantly device changing users.
  3. Improved reports to calculate campaign performance.

The advantages of Enhanced Campaigns as claimed by Google is it will make adwords campaigns more simple, as there is no need of creating separate campaigns to target different location, device and do separate biddings.  This upgrade will make Google Adwords tool more easy to use and all campaign managers can effectively manage their campaigns.

Whereas, many Adwords account managers do not like this move, they don't want this simplicity to happen.

I have been reading in many forums about account managers are discussing that there would be less control on account structure and lack of delicacy in data. With this there may be landing page traffic will be combined with desktop traffic and give incorrect data and cause some pain to account managers. There is no way to bid separately as we do with mobiles we may lose tablet traffic.  Tablets are quiet similar to desktops and laptops, but similarity is one thing and measuring traffic separately is one thing.. For adwords managers who want to utilize each penny of their budget this is certainly not a good news. Currently you can target mobile and tablet devices by bidding 50% less compared to desktop and laptop, but Google wanting us to consider all devices similarly and bid from one campaign this might increase CPC, CPM and CPA rate to some extend.

How this will affect Advertisers?

Apart from merging tablet and desktop targeting, Google is also going to start vector-based bidding. With Vector-based bidding option advertisers can set maximum costs per click on mobile and tablet as a percentage of their desktop CPC. They can also transfer mobile traffic to a different landing page.

However, one has to revisit account regularly in order to deliver same level of optimization as of legacy campaigns. You can still create separate campaign for mobile and desktop targeting, but it will require advanced method of structuring a campaign.

Usage of Tablets, Desktops, and laptops are quite similar and mobile targeting is changing very fast.  Vector bidding will also be able to do geographic and time based targeting.  As per the stats 24% of Google queries are localized searches, it has been seen people use mobile phone more to access internet before and after working hours, this could bring new targeting methods like geo-based, time-based, and mobile based targeting in adwords which will make adwords more advanced tool for advertisers.

Here's What Google says about Enhanced Campaigns :-

With Enhanced Campaign advertisers can set multiple bids to adjust their targeting and adwords system will automatically place the best ads to users.

So, with this you can choose which ad to appear. You can bid on locations, which time of the day on which device, and make out what is working for you campaign and decide to make necessary changes.