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Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation and Track Conversation about You and Your Brand

Kamrul Khan on July 12, 2014 - 9:13 pm in ORM

You and Your Brand's Reputation is very important. Customers, Clients, followers, fan all internet users search about you and your brands before dealing with you or your services.

The first step to manage your reputation is to track the conversation happening in the jungle of Web. Monitoring is very sensitive it helps you to understand what people saying about you and your brands, where they are saying and how will you respond to them. Though most of the brands don't have clue on how to manage and track their reputation.

If you care about you and your brand here is how you should track specific keywords online with without hiring any online reputation consultant or company.  This doesn’t guarantee to track all the conversation but sure you can manage some of them.  If the crisis is more then you will have to hire some professional to give you solution.

Here are some easy ways to help you control your brand and track its mentions online.

1) Whenever you talk about internet you should always head to Google first they have best of the tools to help you.  So for tracking too head to Google Alerts and enter all the keywords you would like to monitor.  This is very simple every time Google crawls any content which got your keywords; Google will send you E-Mail with link to the article.

2)  Social platforms are widely used most of the time chatter happens there and Google Alerts will not be able to capture them.  To track social media websites such as facebook, twitter, YouTube etc socialmention.com will surely help you to monitor them.

With above two tools you would be able to track most of the content, but the list is not over.  Below I am going to give you some handy and free tools to monitor specific kind of sites and content.

For Blog Monitoring:

1)    Backtype.com – This website crawls conversations from blogs, blog comments, and social sites.  It also got alert function to email updates as soon as a search term is used in comment.  Good news is this company has been acquired by twitter so now you can do the search with # hashtags too.

2)    Google.com/blogsearch – This is a dedicated search engine for blogs.  Just do a search with keyword you care and it will list all the blog content which got that keywords.

Now, by using above websites you can see what has been written about you and your brand and accordingly you can act on it.