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Understanding the new Social Network : Pinterest

Kamrul Khan on April 15, 2013 - 4:27 pm in Others, Social Media


Pinterest is a new pin board style version similar to other social sites where an individual can upload, save, sort and manage their interest as they want.  Pinterest is a personalized corner where it allows pinning, repinning, browsing and liking the things available on different boards.  The popular categories present are travel, cars, food, film, humor, home design, sports, fashion, and art.  Based on these boards the user can repin or like others board or follow if they have same flavor.


Getting started with Pinterest to pin Your interest:-

There are several ways to get you registered as a Pinterest member.

  1. Prospective users can get invitation from the user who is already associated to Pinterest.
  2. An alternative way is that the user can demand for an invitation from the Pinterest site.
  3. Pinterest account can also be created by linking your Facebook or Twitter profile.

How to link your Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter? (Visibility of your Pinterest account)

Linking Facebook and Twitter with Pinterest

Linking your Pinterest account is easy; you should accept in mind that you can only link to your personal Facebook profile, not a business page.

First, make sure you have an active Facebook session running for your account. Facebook doesn't need to be open.

  1. Go to Pinterest and select the Settings menu under your profile on the right hand side. Scroll down until you get to the social networks section. Switch the ‘Login with Facebook’ option to on, also switch the ‘Publish activity to Facebook timeline’ option to on.
  2. You will have to approve the association within your Facebook account, to give Pinterest and Facebook permission to talk to each other.
  3. You can do the same with Twitter, so that your pins are then also promoted on your Twitter account.
  4. The other benefit of associating the accounts is that Pinterest will tell you when one of your Facebook friends joins Pinterest – allowing you to go and follow their boards.

Its an interesting social network to share your stuff with people.