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Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page

Kamrul Khan on August 9, 2014 - 6:55 pm in E- Mail Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Landing page are web page created for specific goals or objectives on which we want our users to land when we do any specific campaign. Landing Pages are mostly used in Google Adwords campaigns, email campaigns or any Internet Marketing purpose. Landing page does not have any navigation or links and does not provide many options to click.

Landing Pages can be created for:

  1. To Sell something.
  2. To make users sign-up for something.
  3. To Generate Leads and Contacts.
  4. To make user directly call business.

User perform a specific action on landing pages so the call to action is the most important aspect of landing pages.

The landing page has a specific content and targeted to lead the conversation and hence provide high volume of engagment that a one page can generate.

The Two Types of Landing Pages:

  1. Click Through:- When you sell anything through ecommerce website the actual sale will not happen on landing page but on checkout page. The visitors will have to click to reach the page where the transaction will take place.
  2. Lead Generation: They are the landing pages specifically done to collect data such as name, mobile no, email etc. You can offer something to your visitor for exchanging their contact detail on your landing page.

Characteristics for Effective Landing Page:

Every Landing Page has a specific goal, depending on the purpose we are listing below the generic characteristics for different types of Landing Pages.


  • Quantity Text : Use the amount of text needed to achieve the goal.
  • Call to Action : You need a short text, clear and direct.
  • Use words and phrases in effectively, avoid having to scroll the page to user.
  • Maintain the balance between textual and visual elements in the landing page.
  • Elements of Landing Page:
  • Title : A Title effect that affects the user, specially for the landing page of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Images : At one nice image conveying the message to user. Remember to maintain a good balance between image and text.
  • Contents : Relevant, Original and useful to user and should be about the campaign and purpose.
  • Call to Action : A clear and direct call to action that makes the user understand what is the action to be performed.
  • Focus : Focus on giving transparent and reliable information in order to gain users’ trust that will help the user to perform action you want and explain them why you want them to perform that action.
  • Responsiveness : Days are gone when landing pages were visited through computer devices. Make sure your landing pages are responsive in order to be displayed by the various mobile devices.

Its always better to hire professionals to make your landing pages who can help you to achieve your goal via landing page.