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Small Business can Gain more Business with the Help of Facebook Graph Search

Kamrul Khan on May 22, 2013 - 5:27 pm in Facebook, Featured, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

As we all know that Facebook has introduced with its newest and amazing feature GRAPH SEARCH. This is the third upcoming feature from Facebook after Timeline and Newsfeed. So if you want to be the part of this search please join the waiting list available. Graph Search gives you detailed information about likes, comments, photos, places, events, and, etc.

Gaining your business with the help of Graph Search.

small businessAs Facebook is experimenting with its own search engine, which can handle natural language queries about 112 characters; all we came to know is by such exciting feature small business owners can bag some money by online marketing.

You all must be eager to know like how to expose your business more on Facebook Graph Search. Here is all the answer of it, for example, if a person is searching for “restaurants liked by my friends in Chicago for Chinese cuisine”; this search will provide you with all the relevant results.  The results are lined up on the basis of likes; the more likes the more money and more exposure of your business. So all you have to do is discover more likes for your business. 


Before you take the plunge there is something to keep in mind:

Initially, if you own a business and still not created a business page, it’s time to give root to your business.  As the system is under process, utilize this time to get fan following for your business brand.  Gather large amount of likes and check-ins so as to fit you in the search results.

Promoting your business in Graph Search:

  1. Fill in your Business Information:  
  • Firstly, fitting yourself in the right category is very important part for your business to get search priority.  For example if you own a “BAR” and you choose “RESTAURANT” as your category; then this mistake will never allow you to be in the Bar search list. Mention category carefully. Fill in your correct address or at least you can give your city and state name.

      2. Tag your photos:graph search

  • Photos of people and places are searchable in graph search. Tag all the post and photos with your page name and place.  Provide your page with videos and tag them also to get the fan following for your page.

      3. Encourage check-ins:

  • If you have a place page business, mention your address correctly so that you can get check-ins at your place.​

      4. Promote your page on Facebook:

  • Facebook has large varieties of tools to spread your page virally with the help of ads and offers which appears in the newsfeed of your friends. This can help you get more likes for business and let you stand in search results.​

     5. Promote your page off Facebook:

  • Off facebook advertising is also too important compared with on facebook. You can print your URL on your business cards , print ads, your website and other business properties.  You can give discounts to the small groups that have check-in at your place.

Facebook Graph Search is most important and useful element for business.  All this can be done by regularly posting and tagging through newsfeed.