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SEO practice post Google Panda and Penguin updates

Google Panda & Penguin
Kamrul Khan on February 9, 2013 - 7:57 am in Featured, Search Engine, SEO

SEO techniques have been changed ever since Google updated their algorithm. Google named these updates "Penguin and Panda" as Google give names to its entire product. Google failed to ignore duplicate content and over optimized websites before these updates. Many websites used to rank well in SERP even though those sites were low quality, duplicate content sharing and unnatural links pointing to those sites.

Google Panda & Penguin
In the year 2011 Google engineers successfully updated their search engine algorithm to fight with duplicate content sharing websites. This update was created and named as Panda to penalize websites with duplicate content and poor quality. This update was basically done to fight with on-page SEO technique.

In the year 2012 Google again updated its Search Engine to fight with off-page SEO Techniques. Many webmasters and SEO Experts were doing Black Hat SEO for the sake of improving their targeted keywords ranking in Search Engine. But with Penguin update, Google is easily reviewing websites and penalizing which has violated their quality guidelines by creating artificial or unnatural backlinks pointing to their sites. Websites which got unnatural links by buying or participating in links schemes. Google is just penalizing these websites by dropping their ranking and/or washing out these sites from search engine. So, if you have seen drops in your ranking go check in your webmaster if your website have been a victim of Penguin. You can do this check by submitting a reconsideration request in webmaster. If you get a below message this means you have been penalized for unnatural links pointing to your website.
Webmaster Tools Messages


Now, since I have explained what are Panda and Penguin updates. You might ask what to do next, How to keep your sites safe in search engine.

Here I am highlighting some Do’s and Don’ts of SEO post Panda and Penguin :







Writers and Content ownership.Duplicating content.



On-page Do's and Don't
SEO Tips post Panda & Penguin Do’s OLD SEO Techniques Don’ts
Target long tail keywords specific to your location and products. Targeting Generic keywords based on high search volume.
Avoid Designing low quality websites user experience is 1st priority. Designing websites for search engine rather designing for user giving bad user experience.
Write good quality content for users. Focus on your target audience. Writing content for search engine with targeted and high volume keywords.
Write a good Compelling title and meta tags. Staffing title and meta tags with keywords.
Keyword density is not important if you stuff keywords in your content it may be flagged as content spam. Targeting on keyword density on each web pages.
Schema.org Google loves structured date structure your date using schema.org. Simple date by targeting only keywords in content.









Social Signals : Focus on sharing your content on social media.Links are more important than social channels


OFF-page Linking Building Do’s and Don’t
SEO Tips post Panda & Penguin Do’s OLD SEO Techniques Don’ts
Build your internal link building campaign by generating high quality and sharable content Outsourcing link building campaign and generating unnatural links mainly from low quality web directories.
Be diverse in link building, use branded long tail keywords and read more, know more, click here types keywords in anchor tag. Linking building with stuffing targeted keywords in anchor tags
Create high quality industrial blog and target your audience to follow and associate your content with social network. Buying links from fake blogs or creating fake blog just for the sake of backlinks
Be very careful in directory submission. Do manual directory submission to selected industrial directories and local directories. Directories should human reviewed. Huge and Automated Directory Submissions to low quality directories
Only the newsworthy press release will be counted. Online PR releasing, used to generate links irrespective of the news was authenticate.
Connect with real bloggers, build relationships so that you can ask for guest blogging in their blogs, and comments should be specific to blog posts. Using automated software for blog commenting to improve ranking.


Using these methods you can put a very good impact on your SEO campaigns.