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Product Listing Ad (PLA) Retiring will be replaced with Shopping Campaigns.

Kamrul Khan on August 12, 2014 - 9:43 pm in Google Adwords, Search Engine

Starting September 2014 All Product Listing Ad will be replaced with Shopping Campaigns in Adwords. Google has decided to complete the shift by end of August. As it was announced most the advertiser might have shifted to shopping campaigns but for some advertiser who are not able to do the transition. Today, Google has launched a tool that will help you to upgrade to shopping campaigns by just few clicks.


Google encouraging all adwords users using PLA campaign to use this tool and upgrade to shopping campaign. While upgrading do check your campaign budgets, settings and other things so that you can make sure the campaign should fulfills your objective.

Some campaigns might not be compatible to use this tool. If your PLA campaigns use labels or grouped in product targeting or inventory filters, you have to manually change yor data feed with custom labels before using the upgrade tool.

So, if you use PFA campaigns login to your adwords account and access the upgrade tool to check which of your campaigns are eligible to upgrade to shopping campaign. More information can be access in help center

You can attend a Google Hangout Air on August 12 at 10:00am PST to learn how to use this Tool.
The tool automatically creates a new Shopping Campaign from existing PLA Campaign with the same structure and campaign settings as your PLA campaign and historical performance data.