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Pinterest brings web Analytics tool for Business Pages

Kamrul Khan on April 17, 2013 - 5:31 pm in Others, Social Media, Web Analytics

Web analytics are very essential tools for online marketing.  It is sometimes taken in to consideration deadly and tedious thing just because of large amount of numbers, data and statistics; But the truth is that web analytics tools are supportive to the site owners, who are always baffled and questions “What people mostly visit on my site?”. To answer such type of obvious questions New Social Network Pinterest introduced their web analytics tools.

Web analytics are also introduced by other social sites  for example; Facebook (Facebook insights).  But Pinterest web analytics seem to be different because Pinterest is a personalized corner where an individual can do variety of things which can give innovative insights to site owners.

Web analytics helps the site owner to know exactly what piece of content visitors are accessing that is originated from their site.  It gives you clear analyses that how people are interacting with the pins that are originated by you.

What are the features?

Pinterest explains that if you have an established website, you will come to know as in:

  • How many people pinned from your site.
  • How many of them have seen your pins.
  • How many of them visited your website using Pinterest.

In addition to this, it will also explain you the selection of your most re-pinned, most clicked and most recently visited pins. This will give you an idea what seems to be more popular on your websites.

How to use Pinterest Analytics Tool?

Pinterest has introduced this loving tool which makes analyzing more fun. This analytic tool helps in getting which image has been pinned more, which image is getting more attraction, what type of visitors are pinning, how many people have reached. By this we are able to confirm our future website with the booming pins.

Getting new Pinterest Analytic Tool:-

Pinterest Analytic Tool is available right now and it’s free for those who have business account. Personal account is not required actually.

Once you have setup with your business account, it’s time to start analyzing. It’s so super easy to set new look. All you have to do is click on the arrow next to your username, and choose “Switch to the New Look” at the bottom.  A little popup will show up (like the one below), click on “Okay” and you’re set.

Setting Pinterest Analytics

Here you have setup the new look totally. It will not change that much but yes you can recognize some changes. In the same dropdown box you have access to tools also so click on “Analytics”.

Awareness on facts and figures:-

As we have done with creation of business account and setting up new analytic look, it’s time to check the functionality of these tools. By this you will come to the conclusion or you can get insights about your pins on your websites which are booming and on which you can concentrate. Below is an example of Dashboard view displaying all the tools working.

Pinterest Analytics Dashboard


As you can see on the upper right corner of the window many tabs are available, you can clip between them to get different data. Above example is showing the data of “Site Metics” which gives you these facts and figures.

  • Pins/Pinners:    shows on a daily basis number of pins and number of people who pinned from your website.
  • Repins:    shows on a daily basis number of times pins from your website are repinned  on Pinterest.
  • Repinners:     shows on a daily basis number of people repinned your pins.
  • Impression:  shows on a daily basis number of times your pins appearing in Pinterest in the main feed, in the search results, or on boards.
  • Reach:    shows on a daily basis number of people saw your pins on Pinterest.
  • Clicks:    shows on a daily basis number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest.
  • Visitors:      shows on a daily basis number of people visited your website form Pinterest.

All of the tools are very important but we like the last few tools most. As it gives sense to the site owners how peoples are interacting with their content and sense of internet marketing.

You can also choose the other tabs – Most RecentMost Repinned and Most Clicked – to see the pins that are performing well.