/ Search Engine / Penguin 2.0 Generation Spam Fighting Google Penguin 4 is rolled out on 22 May 2013

Penguin 2.0 Generation Spam Fighting Google Penguin 4 is rolled out on 22 May 2013

Kamrul Khan on May 25, 2013 - 4:27 pm in Search Engine, SEO, Tips & Tricks

Google's search spam fighting team has rolled out fourth release of penguin called penguin 4.  Its nothing but the upgradation to previous Penguin 2.0 with better spam fighting capabilities.

For all those who dont know about penguin update here's what it is:-

Google Penguin Update is one of the names given to its spam fighting algorithm.  Penguin Update runs alongside with Panda Updates.  Panda Updates focuses on website content whereas Google Penguin updates focuses on links pointing to websites.  Do check my previous article on  SEO practice post Google Penguin updates.  


From the past one month there were quite  many buzz around the web about this update and finally the day arrived on 22 May, 2013 the fourth release of Google’s Spam Fighter “Penguin Update” rolled out.  It gives heart attack to all the spammers who duplicated content from article directories for their use on the websites.  

According to Matt Cutts; the upgraded Penguin version has affected approx 2.3% of US websites.  The change has also refined for other languages worldwide. The outcome of penguin will be seen more on the language with more web spam as the scale of Penguin varies by languages.

Listen what Matt Cutts has to say about this recent update in his recent video:-

Other Previous Penguin updates Google had done to their search algorithm:

These are the release of Updates arranged in sequential order as it is easy to know.

  • Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012 (impacting ~3.1% of queries)

  • Penguin 2 on May 26, 2012 (impacting less than 0.1%)

  • Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012 (impacting ~0.3% of queries)

  • Penguin 4 on May 22, 2013 (impacting 2.3% of queries)

Google Penguin Updates 4 going to have great impact on Google search results.  It’s a brand new generation algorithm.  The previous updates of Penguin only focused on home page of the sites.  The recent update (Google Penguin Update 4) goes much deeper and looks in small areas too.  It is being referring as Penguin 2.0 as it is truly an algorithm update not just refreshment of data.