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New penguin 5.0 launched affecting over one percent of search queries

Kamrul Khan on October 8, 2013 - 11:54 pm in Search Engine, SEO

When was the last time you checked your webmaster data or organic traffic? Well, today I checked mine and found there is huge drop in keyword ranking and organic traffic of one website I was working.  I was shocked by seeing the huge drop in webmaster search queries and was wondering what has happened?


As this made me concerned I did some research and found its nothing but penguin attack to my website.  See the webmaster screen on 5th October 2013 there is over 50% drop in search traffic this means on 4th October 2013 Google must have rolled out penguin 5.

The news was confirmed by head of Google Search Quality Team Matt Cutts on twitter.



According to Google this update is going to affect 1% of search queries but I think it will affect more than that.  Whenever Google update their search algorithm it’s a big concern for Search Marketers as it affects the efforts they have made to get the ranking.  Many websites get affected and lose their potential visitors.

When penguin 4 arrived in 22th May 2013 it impacted 2.3% of search queries and if your website was hit by penguin 4 this is a great opportunity for you to check if you have cleaned your website.  If your website is not affected by penguin 5 that mean you are safe and successfully cleaned your website unless you have received any manual penalty from Google in Webmaster tools.

Some of the areas of website where this update has attacked:

1)    Extensive use of keywords in URL

2)    Keyword stuffing in anchor text

3)    Low quality Link Building

4)    Keyword stuffing in Website Content

5)    Blog Comment and Low Quality Article Marketing

Check back after few days as I will share some of the ways to safe guard websites from these updates.