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“Marketing” Impossible without Great Content.

Kamrul Khan on July 29, 2014 - 8:44 pm in Content Marketing

Consumers are really diminishing from traditional marketing. They, on the whole, skip television, news paper, magazine advertisement in search of relevant and valuable product information. As they find it “insecure” because human powers are used to explain the particular brands. It is termed insecure because humans can explain the brand to the consumer up to certain limit or if they explain, there is a possibility of skipping some advantageous point of the brand. Where consumers are not modernized with complete information.

Smart marketers have well understood that traditional marketing has less approach now, so they started marketing their contents online, which is termed as “Online Content Marketing”.

Concept Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique for creating and distributing precious, applicable and reliable content of the brand to approach quantity of audience attention.

Measures to be in a limelight  – Search and Social

Content marketing consist of two different things .i.e. search and social. Search gives audience the benefit of information what actually they are seeking and social makes you aware what your friends are up to and what is worth sharing.  

Marketers should understand the requirement of the consumers to meet the desired result. Uploading story type content makes the brand to go low. So it’s a must to work on traditional “search n social” part. In search section, marketers can optimize the brand content well so it can appear prominently. In social section, marketers can utilize the social media platform to get connected with different consumers.

“Questions” that can solve queries

  1. How are you connecting with customers through content today?
  2. Do your customers want or need you to share information with them that you haven’t shared in the past?
  3. How are you connecting with them socially?
  4. What kind of content has brought qualified prospects to your site to date?
  5. Are you addressing the breadth of related topics in that space?
  6. What content has resonated with your customers?
  7. Is it bringing them back more often?

3  Steps to Successful Content Marketing








  1. Build good quality unique content.
  2. Optimize it so that it is searable.
  3. Share it with your social fans and connect and engage with them.
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