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HTTPS/SSL One of the Factor to Boost Ranking on Google

Kamrul Khan on August 7, 2014 - 1:02 pm in Search Engine, SEO, Web-Technology

Today, Google annouched on Webmaster Central Blog to give ranking priority to sites using https/SSL.  As the web changing dynamically Google started giving security as on of the most priority to ranking sites on their search engine.

As all google properties are secure and https encrpted people using google services like search, Gmail, Google Drive or Google Plus are on secure connection.


Google has been working to fight with webspam in an effort Google engineers have been taking lot of feedbacks whether to add secure, encrypted connections as a ranking factor to their SEO Algorithms.  They have received a lot of positive feedbacks and hence secure connections over https/SSL will be considered as a ranking factor.  Though, the weight given to this factor is very less at the moment affecting fewer than 1% of global search queries.  In more time to come Google is going to improve it more as they want to give time to webmasters or website owners to switch from http to https/ssl on secure connection to keep the web safe.

Google will keep updating webmasters to aviod common mistakes in transition process from http to https.  Here are some tips to help you get started with https/ssl.

  • Which SSL Certificate you would use for your hosting : Singe, multi-domain or wildcard certificate.
  • use 2048-bit key certificates
  • Using of relative URLs for resources residing on the same secure domain.
  • Use protocol relative URLs for all the other domains.
  • Be carefull while changing URLs you can refer to this article Site move article to know the guidelines on changing website’s address.
  • Don’t add https site to robots.txt as this will block the site for crawling.
  • Allow indexing of pages by search engine and avoid noindex attribute in robots meta tag.

For those webmasters who is already using HTTPs, do consider to test its security level and configuration with Qualys Lab Tool.  For any question you may have on SEO and ranking factor you may comment below.

We hope that more and more sites will be migrated to secure browsing soon and the web becomes more secure to use.