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Google Adwords Tips for Ecommerce Website.

Kamrul Khan on August 18, 2014 - 11:14 pm in E-Commerce, Google Adwords, Web Analytics

adwords tips for ecommerce

Google Adwords is the biggest marketing tool to help you reach your wide audience online.  Like the other website, Adwords can drive huge traffic to Ecommerce website too.  Adwords can not only brings traffic but will help you to sell your product online.  There are too many ways you can use adwords to reach your customers online to grow your ecommerce business.

When you launch new website your primary goal is to drive traffic to your website.  Google adwords is cheapest and most relevant medium to use for advertising online.  The three benefits of adwords are Reach, Relevant and ROI and for ecommerce its the best fit to drive sales on ecommerce site.

You can effectively use adwords your website.  Its five main benefits are:

  1. Show your ads only to people interested in your product.
  2. You can decide how much you want to spend on each clicks or conversion.
  3. Based on your performance metric you can see how much profit you are making.
  4. Adwords is so flexible that you can change your marketing goal everyday.
  5. Target only locations you want to Target.

Using Adwords For ECommerce Site:

Google Adwords have special campaign types for Ecommerce Websites.  Dependening on your objective and budget you can decide which campaign you want to choose.  YOu can choose one or create multiple campaigns.  Currently, There are five types of campaigns designed specifically for Ecommerce Business.

  1. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) now Shopping Campaigns:- PLA Campaigns use websites Merchant Center Account to take product information.  You need to submit your data feed to Google’s Merchant Center and link Product Listing Campaign to activate PLAs campaign.  Data Feed should contain your product information.  When user search for any keywords you are targeting your product image will be display on Google Search Result page.  It displays product image, advertising message and price.  It could appear on top of google search result page or on left hand side.
  2. Search Campaign:- These are the common Adwords Ads which contains Headlines with two description line of products.  These Ads can be targeted by targeting your keywords in your campaign.  These ads can appear on top or below of organic result or on left of search results.
  3. Display Network Campaign:- Google Network are the biggest Ad Network in world.  Over 70% of websites fall under Google Network.  You can manually select websites to display your ads or you can set automatic targeting.  Google Display Network Campaign display Banner and text Ads.  These ads can be targeted contextually, you can do topic and interest targeting, demographic and behavior targeting is possible in Display Network Campaigns.
  4. Display Retargeting Campaign:- As the word Retargeting means targeting to people where your website was clicked but no action performed on your website.  With Retargeting campaign you can target users who have previously visited your website but not made a purchase.  To target them back you can make use of Google Retargeting.
  5. Dynamic Retargeting:- Dynamic Retargeting are same as Display Retargeting the only difference is with Dynamic Retargeting you can target users for specific product.  Dynamic Retargeting displays your Merchant Center Shopping Feeds.  You need to add certain tags for specific products to do dynamic retargeting.

After you setup any of the above or all of the above campaign in Adwords Account to sell your product online via Ecommerce Website the biggest challenge you face is how will you measure your ROI and see behaviour of your users.

Google Adwords and Analytics for Ecommerce:-

First thing you should do is to link your Adwords account with Google Analytics and set up Conversion Funnel.

Connecting your adwords and analytics account will make it easy to analyse the data and see how visitors are navigation on you ecommerce website.

It is important to track visitors buying behavior on Ecommerce website.  Its not necessary visitors will click on your ad and directly buy your product.  They do a lot many things before buying like they may consider to compare your product with same product your competitors are offering, may read reviews, search different forums to see how was the experience of previous buying, do research on social media.  They can really go to many place to gather more information on product. So, don’t just rely on Google Adwords for sales concentrate on other medium too.

Setting up goals and conversion funnel can really helps you to analyse from where your visitor are coming on website and how sales happening.

Google keeps updating their adwords tool and analytic and adds new features that can be used to improve your campaigns and drive more sales on Ecommerce Website.