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The Fundamental Understanding of Website Marketing

Kamrul Khan on August 13, 2014 - 5:17 pm in Branding, Web Marketing

We all love to be online. As more and more businesses are coming online with websites. Its a great feeling if you are business owner and have launched your own website. We all know the work involved to get new website. You must have spent hours on logo design, selecting images, making layout, getting design done, programming, content writing etc. After so much work, you launch the website, soon after few months, you realized very few people are visiting site. Of course, one is you and some of your friends and families visiting your site. You have invested money and time but you feel disappointed since there are no visits to your site. Let me tell you, you are not the only one it happens to everyone when they launch new site.

Web Marketing Fundamentals

A website is like a business, if no one knows about what business you are into and from where you operate it nobody will ever know about your business. Like you market your business you have to market you website too.

A Brief about Website Marketing

Web Marketing is nothing but promoting your website by using Internet to deliver your message to your customers. There can be many ways you can do web marketing like by sending promotional emails to your customers, Search Engine Optimization, Through Google Adwords, Display Advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing etc. All are used to promote your products and services.

Benefits of Web Marketing

There can be many benefits but I am listing down three main benefits here:

1. Low Cost : Web advertising is comparatively low cost advertising.  Lets consider the example, if you have to send some promotional pamphlets to your customer.  You have to hire graphic designer then send the design to printing press and later you will have to hire someone for delivering those pamphlets which may cost you huge money.  But, if you would decide to send those pamphlets via email you can send it to many more customers at a much lower cost.

2. Location Targeting : Whether you are a big business or running a small set up.  You can decide where to advertise your website.  There are no restrictions on selecting the location you want to advertise.   You can customize your location as per your targeting audience.

3. Measurable : Everything you do on internet is measurable from an email campaigns to display banners or seo you can measure the performance all the activity you do.  So, for a set of budget you spend online you can calculate the ROI.

Now, since you have understood the importance of Web Marketing and its benefits.  Let’s discuss on how to promote you website.

To understand in what way you can promote your website its important to understand what goals you want to achieve so that you don’t invest your money and resources at wrong direction.

Let’s say you may below goals to promote your website:

  • To promote your Brand.
  • Increase Traffic on you site.
  • Increase fans and subscribers.
  • Generate Leads (Get contacts details of visitors who may be interested in buying your products and services).
  • Generate revenue through affiliate Ads.
  • Improve the site Engagement Time.
  • To drive customers to your store.
  • Your are running ECommerce Website and want to increase sale.
  • To provide service to your regular customers.

Whatever goal you may have to promote your website.  Your web marketing strategy should be well planned and executed so that you get the desired result from you web marketing campaigns.