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Essential Tips to Boost Your Tweets

Kamrul Khan on August 8, 2014 - 12:19 am in Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Tips & Tricks, Twitter

Your tweets are not getting the desired attention from your audience and you do not know what to do to make your tweets stand out? Maybe, you should devote some time and customize the message properly before sharing them on Twitter?

This blog post consists of six relatively simple tips to help boost microblog posts. Remember that these tips might should be adopted both by users in general, but also for large brands seeking greater engagement of their followers on Tweeter.

Customize Retweets:-

You find some content already shared by another user, rather than just giving RT.   Customize retweet by adding a comment before the original message. For example: add a question before the shared item, which will eventually say what the curiosity of followers. RTs with praise or with a “thank you” before the message, for example, should be avoided.

Share the Same Post at Different Times:-

Every social network should be treated according to their characteristics. Taking this into account, not to mention, Twitter is not Facebook. That is, the audience is rotating and thus an intelligent and efficient strategy is to repeat the publication of the same content at different times. Thus, the range will be amplified. However, it is important not to repeat the description of the post. Modify it before the new share!

Be Yourself:-

It may seem lack of caution, this advice also goes for brands. Experts say that the secret of success of big brands in social media, among other factors, is to “speak the language” of their followers. After all, behind every profile, there is always a human being.  It is important that the audience is reminded of this important detail.  Social networking is not one-way street: if you will talk (to advertise your content), be ready to listen too.

Know what Trending is:-

Hash jacking trend or jacking is a method of using popular hashtags in order to achieve a particular tweet for extra exposure. Simply be aware of the trending topics on the left side of the profile and can be configured as desired geo-location. But remember: use the hashtags found on Trending Topics, but do it in context. If it is not relevant to your brand, it is better not to use this feature.

Use Visual Content:-

By providing the capability of displaying photos on the platform, Twitter only proves that science has explained long ago: humans are visual.  From that, whenever possible, add a picture to critical tweets.

Talk to Your Followers:-

One of the most important steps to follow for those seeking greater engagement of your audience in social networks is a good old chat. Listen to what your audience is saying about your posts is just part of the process. Reply will be vital to build relationships and increase the degree of closeness between brand and target audience. While the world is busy touting his own message, take advantage of those able to give genuine attention to his followers.